Good Night God Bless

Some of you might have seen on my post on Facebook about Bro Bro Hillen’s new mixtape, Good Night God Bless, the night it was released. If not, I also have this awesome website to share things that I’ve worked on. Here is a link to his Soundcloud so you can listen.

Hillen and I got together a few years ago when he contacted JSR Studios and requested to work with me. I don’t think I ever asked why, but that is beside the point. Since then, he has been coming in the studio for sessions on and off until we amassed a decent amount of material, of which the final pieces were just finished up a month or so ago. That being said, there should be more of his mixtapes coming out soon.

Hillen also runs his own website that showcases other artists and their music. You can check it out and here.

If you like what you hear, let me know! Fill out the contact form and tell me your favorite track from the mixtape.