Chris Jamison Covers “Want To Want Me” By Jason Derulo

I don’t know why I did not post this before now, but I figured you guys could use a reminder to watch this video!

This video was released in late March of 2015 and I had the pleasure of engineering this session! The recording session itself took place in the middle of that month at JSR Studios in Columbus, OH. The band came down to the studio the night before the session to set up and rough in some sounds, that way once the session started we could hit the ground running. The tracking went very well and flew by in a matter of hours (these guys are great musicians and well rehearsed). Once recorded, I had only late nights to get this edited, mixed, and mastered, given mine and the studio’s schedule (sorry Adam for cutting into your time!). The video was shot by Xavier McAllister and Braxton Cleveland, who spent just as many late nights I had working on this, if not more. Thanks to those two, Matthiessen Nisch Quan, Jordan Millisor, Andrew Willard, Will Strickler, and of course, Chris Jamison for this great video and letting me in on this great experience!